BET Pharmacy Frequently Asked Equine Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

BET Pharm is here to help answer all your questions. If you cannot find an answer here, please give us a call!


Can owners order directly from BET PHARM?

Once their veterinarian has faxed in a completed Prescription Form with refills, owners can call in with their refill information (prescription #, located on Rx bottle) directly to the pharmacy at our toll free number.

How can I pay for my order?

BET PHARM accepts Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express. Please submit your credit card information with your prescription order. Be sure to update any cards that may have expired or changed when you refill your orders so we can avoid delays in filling your prescription.

How can I order a compounded formulation from BET PHARM?

Licensed veterinarians can order by using our online Pharmacy.  Vets can also order by calling the pharmacy at 1-866-707-0998. Only veterinarians with a valid U.S. license can order prescription medications.

How quickly are orders processed by BET PHARM?

BET PHARM fills and ships most prescriptions within 1-3 business days following the receipt of a completed order. Non sterile preparations are shipped weekly during the breeding season (Feb 15- July 15th). If faxing in your order please be sure to include all information requested on the Prescription form so that your order can be processed quickly. This includes: patient name, owner name & address, shipping address, & updated credit card information.

How are prescription refills handled?

If you have a valid refill on a BET PHARM filled prescription you may call in your refill using your prescription #. Both the prescription number and toll free phone number can be found right on your prescription bottle.

How are orders shipped by BET PHARM?

We use UPS ground and air for shipping.

Can BET PHARM drop ship orders directly to my client?

We can ship directly to your client/patient. Simply indicate the shipping information for your client on your Prescription Form.

What is your return policy?

Federal Regulations & State Law do not allow the return of compounded medications. Be sure to order correctly. Contact our Customer Care Specialist to help you determine exactly the formulation that you are looking for.

How do I set up an account with BET PHARM?

Veterinarians can open a new account on our website to start ordering online. Our staff will be in contact with the veterinarian to verify all details to ensure we have the correct information. If ordering via fax or phone, an account will be established when we receive your first completed Prescription Form.

Our friendly pharmacists are always happy to help. Give us a call or create an account today!