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BET Pharm ensures you’ll save time, increase compliance and have the highest quality compounds. One key component of any successful business venture is its ability to differentiate itself from the competition. BET Pharm’s use of state of the art delivery platforms to deliver many of the actives we compound has dramatically improved compliance for the veterinary practitioner. Many formulations are tested in-vitro and in-vivo to enhance quality. Moreover, independent research trials conducted at US, British, Argentine, and Brazilian Universities have consistently demonstrated the proven efficacy of numerous compounds when administered in BET vehicles.


BET Pharm maintains strict quality control. All injectables undergo rigorous sterility testing. We adhere to external quality control monitoring by independent labs, such as Analytical Research Laboratories for stability, pyrogens, purity and verification of prescribed potency as well as our adherence to standards set forth in the 797 guidelines. Our quality assurance program is designed to ensure every prescription meets your specifications. Our pharmacists have extensive training in compounding procedures and utilize a class 100/ ISO 5 cleanroom to prepare our compounds in our state-licensed facility. When you choose BET Pharm you can be confident your patients will receive medications of the highest quality.

Our History

BET Laboratories


2015 – BET Pharm opens a state of the art facility that launches the pharmacy to new heights giving it more space and a better workflow to continue to provide the equine industry with unique long-acting formulas.

BRT Australasia

BRT Australasia

2014 – BRT Australasia opens a compounding facility in Melbourne Australia that also compounds an array of long-acting reproductive hormones for the equine industry.

BioRelease Technologies BRT

BioRelease Technologies (BRT)

2002 – BioRelease Technologies (BRT) is founded by Dr. Patrick Burns, Richard Gilley and Dr. Robert Douglas. Each scientist brings together their respective fields of equine reproduction research and controlled-release technology to develop innovative formulations. That same year BET Pharm is established and licenses the BioRelease technology to compound unique long-acting reproductive hormones.

BET Laboratories Brazil

BET Laboratories

1984 – Dr. Douglas co-founded BET Laboratories, which continues to be a leading veterinary endocrine diagnostic laboratory. This laboratory was expanded to Brazil (1999) and continues to be a leader in veterinary endocrine diagnostics in that country.

BET Founded 1978

Bluegrass Embryo Transplants (BET)

1978 – Dr. Robert Douglas, an assistant professor of Veterinary Science at both Michigan State University (1975-78) and the University of Kentucky (1978-84), founded Bluegrass Embryo Transplants (BET).

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