Once a week* ULCER ALTERNATIVE – Omeprazole

Equine Ulcer Alternative Biorelease Omeprazole

Once a week* ULCER ALTERNATIVE – Omeprazole

RE-release of Omeprazole, an ulcer alternative

This last quarter we started compounding our Injectable Omeprazole; a single dose injection that lasts one week.* We always felt that this was an excellent formulation but stopped making it for a couple years while attempting to do more research. We learned some valuable information and decided to release it again. Now that it’s been out for several months we called the veterinarians who’ve ordered and dispensed (some of them being repeat clients) to see what they had to say about the compound. Out of the 150+ doses that we’ve dispensed, only a handful of veterinarians were available for comment, but we were pleased with what they had to say…

Out of the 2 horses injected we’ve seen great improvement; honestly, did not scope either horse but we’re very pleased with your compound. We did switch needles like instructed and saw a very minimal site reaction – Dr. Liebsch.

This touches on one of the lessons learned when we performed some of our research.  In order to minimize site reactions we recommend that the needle be changed prior to injecting into the horse. That is generally best practice for injections so the patient is getting a new sterile needle rather than one that has also breached the vial. We also learned that the injection site needs to be rotated from week to week.

My client was very pleased. After 3 doses of your Omeprazole the horse’s colic has cleared. – Dr. C. Buchanan

This wasn’t the only veterinarian that made this comment.  A few other vets had noticed that it had an effect after just 1-2 doses and colic symptoms had completely abated.

I really appreciated the small volume to be injected... – Dr. C. Guardia

This particular veterinarian had used another injectable omeprazole formulation that had a much larger injection volume and chose not to purchase again because of a site reaction from that compound. Our injection volume is only 6 mL when reconstituted.

I was very impressed and pleased; used Omeprazole on 4 horses and all responded very quickly. – Dr. A. Roberts

Thanks Dr. Roberts!

Other Info about Omeprazole

Omeprazole powder can quickly degrade when exposed to light and not held at refrigerated temperatures. Omeprazole is shipped in two separate vials: one vial filled with Omeprazole powder and the other diluent. If you’ve used omeprazole in suspension form or another injection you may have noticed that it can turn purple (this is partly the reason it has always been branded using purple – including Prilosec capsules – which are purple!); this occurs when omeprazole is breaking down and it’s a sign of loss of stability of the formulation. Because we have it in two separate dark colored vials, our formulation keeps it’s stability so you know you’re getting the dose your horse needs.

Proton Pump Inhibitors (PPIs), Omeprazole’s drug class, are typically only indicated for short-term use in both humans and non-human animals. We recommend using our injectable formulation for a maximum duration of 4 weeks. If further therapy is indicated we recommend switching to an oral formulation for maintenance dosing.

Continuous Improvement

Here at BET we’re always trying to innovate and improve our formulations, processes…and our customer’s experience! Give us a call to try our Omeprazole and of course we’d love to hear your feedback. Alternatively, you could also order using our online pharmacy!

*Based on unpublished data; R.H. Douglas, PhD, 2012. Available upon request; contact us!

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