The BET difference: Cabergoline improves PPID in retired horse

Equine Metabolic Syndrome

The BET difference: Cabergoline improves PPID in retired horse

An email…

Every so often we receive emails letting us know how much someone likes our 30 day Altrenogest Microparticle compound for keeping their mare out of heat and what a difference they’re seeing in the horse. This most recent email though, we just had to share. One of our newest formulations is used in horses with PPID, Cabergoline. It’s an injection that is given once every 2 weeks rather than a daily orally administered regimen. We were already aware of the difference a dopamine agonist can have on the symptoms associated with PPID but this particular case stuck out because of the drastic transformation presented.

I’ll let the email and pictures speak for themselves from here on out:



We started using the Cabergoline on my Danish warmblood Rowin in December. Rowin was imported from Europe. I also have another warmblood, a 22 year old Hanoverian cross, AJ. He was born and bred in Illinois. He’s been retired for a dozen years (lives outside 24/7) due to lameness issues. I was going to put him down this spring. (the pictures below are of AJ from April 20, 2018 – Before Cabergoline administration)

When my other horse, Row, was no longer responding to his therapy at the time, I switched him to Cabergoline. I gave them to AJ. Not much happened. Couldn’t bring myself to put him down. Rowin then had a stroke right before Easter so I decided to give AJ the shot too since I wasn’t sure what was going to happen with Row.

Attached are pictures from April this year and last year and then 3 weeks ago after 6 – 3/4cc injections. AJ has had no feed, supplements etc.. just grass and hay in the winter since he lives outside. I didn’t bathe him, work him; nothing other than the shedding blade. I haven’t sat on him in a couple years.  Since he’s been turned I used to sit on him a couple times a year but haven’t the last 2 years because he looked so poorly. I think these pictures speak volumes!! He looks amazing and other than the shot he has had nothing but pasture or hay. (the pictures below are of AJ from June 14, 2018 – AFTER Cabergoline administration)

I can’t thank you enough!!

– K.E.

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